As the dolly bird catches her worm
The People's Court is adjourned
my eyes have started to burn
from watching the big apple turn..

Armed with only your unruly red lips
and a fistful of dollars for tips
You took off from your home in the sticks
to get stoned

You got trapped by a tourist
in a Union Jack shirt
swapped crack smoking stories with some crazies from
went back to your hotel room
wwhere you were 'unwelcome sir'
Do you miss America?

He came from Louisiana
with a banjo on his shirt
a Contra bandana and a gambler's smirk
And a star spangled spanner
to throw in the works

And all the time
the television bible delivers the goods
Repackaged, recycled, peddled and pushed
And a bird with Kennedy's worth two with a Bush
Do you miss America?

Down down baby down down the rollercoaster
Sweet sweet baby sweet sweet don't let me go
Jimmy Jimmy coco pop Jimmy Jimmy Rolling Rock
Forget about the Alamo, bicarbonate of soda pop
New York New York it's a hell of a place
a 27 hour a day ambulance chase
It's four in the morning and I've got so much to learn
from watching the big apple turn over