Extra Show Added - Shepherd’s Bush Empire 21st November

25th February 2014

A statement from Jim Bob

As a result of last week’s unexpectedly bonkers demand for tickets for the last ever Carter show at Brixton Academy we have looked into possible extra gigs. Despite what it says on the Brixton Academy website, there are no available dates for us to add there, even if we were big headed enough to believe we could add a second Academy show. We are though very pleased to announce that we have managed to book a second date. It will be at Shepherds' Bush Empire on Friday 21st November.

It isn't going to satisfy everyone, especially those outside London but it will hopefully give people who missed out on Brixton tickets a second chance.

This not a low-key warm up gig for Brixton. We will now be going out on two big bangs rather than one – Shepherd’s bush and then Brixton. Carter played Shepherd’s Bush Empire in 1996 but we’ve never played there in the classic Jim Bob, Fruitbat and the tape machine line up. It’s a great venue. And a bit more intimate than Brixton for those of you who like that type of thing. I wonder if they have a bar record.

There will be a pre-sale tomorrow 9am (Wednesday 26th) and a general sale Friday 9am (Friday 28th). We’ll send more details in a few hours.

Like with the Brixton show, initially we won’t be advertising Shepherd’s Bush. This is to ensure that people following the band on a regular basis are the first to know about the gig. Unfortunately, as in the case of Brixton it won’t stop all the touts.

The tout websites are a pain. We hate them as much as anyone. The fact that some of them are owned by legitimate ticket companies makes it even more annoying. It is worth saying though that there are not as many tickets available via these people as it appears. Fewer than for most other Brixton Academy shows. The vast majority of tickets would seem to have been bought by people who genuinely want to go to the gig.

If you didn’t get a ticket for Brixton and still hope to find one, avoid paying over the odds to these chancers and they’ll have to stand outside in the cold selling them on the night for a fiver. There are bound to be a number of tickets that have been bought by people who won’t be able to go, or people will have bought too many tickets or they’ll split up with their wife/husband before November. It’s worth looking out for these spares as they may appear on the web for sale at face value.

We are not a big corporate set up. It’s me, Fruitbat and Marc. It was me who generated the wrong ticket link for the Brixton presale. It was a stupid thing to do. In my defence, I’m a rock singer. I was probably off my head on heroin.

When we had our annual meeting to discuss whether or not to do any Carter shows we decided to do just one last show. We had already been booked to appear at Bearded Theory, so in our lazy old man minds we believed that we were doing a two-date tour that starts in May and finishes in November. It is now a three date tour. Hopefully it won’t kill us.

Bearded Theory Festival tickets for May are still available by the way. It’s a lovely festival. The Wonderstuff and PWEI are now playing too. It’s going to be a great weekend.

Thank you for the continued support since 2007.

In the words of Ronan Keating –
‘Life is a rollercoaster
Just gotta ride it’

Mind you, he does also say in the same song
‘Love is a mystery girl
Let's get inside it’

Which makes less sense

Jim Bob

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine play their last ever show at Brixton

10th February 2014

A statement from Jim Bob

'All good things must come to an end' – Geoffrey Chaucer

These bittersweet announcements are always difficult.

Let’s start with a quote. Let’s blame it on Chaucer, old Geoffrey C with his silly glass half full all good things being destined to end theory.

Here goes.

On November 22nd this year at Brixton Academy a very good thing will sadly come to an end when we play our final ever Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine live show. I say ‘sadly’ but the sad element will come afterwards. On the 22nd we’re going to have a big party. We’re going to celebrate all the fantastic Carter shows that have taken place since we got back together in 2007. Those first two ‘one off’ shows in 2007 that completely blew us away and made us desperate to do more. The Drum Machine Years gigs where we played the first four albums from start to finish, even ‘Evil’, which I completely fucked up. There was the incredible Beautiful Days festival, the Glasgow King Tuts benefit show, all of them, all of the reunion gigs have been amazing. I’m sure other bands say it but we genuinely have got the best audience in the world.

That’s you that is. It wouldn’t just not be the same without you it would be rubbish. Join us for one last time this November. Come and meet old friends, make new ones, dance yourself lame and sing yourself hoarse. Let’s go out on a high that makes Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project seem subterranean by comparison. Have a bloody good laugh, shed a tear, raise a glass or two and let’s see if we can break the venue’s bar record one more time before we go.

Jim Bob x

Carter USM at Shepherds Bush

Shepherds Bush Empire on November 21st 2014

Tickets from www.gigsandtours.com

General sale Friday 28th February at 9am

Carter USM at Brixton Academy

Brixton Academy on November 22nd 2014


Carter USM at Bearded Theory

May 23nd 2014, Catton Park, Derbyshire

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