Date City Place OtherBands
6/2/95 London Virgin Megastore (Worry Bomb Launch)  
24/2/95 Athens Rodon  
25/2/95 Athens Rodon  
4/3/95 Abbingdon Old Gaol Thurman and Unbelievable Truth (Salad pulled out)
5/3/95 Portsmouth Pyramids Thurman and Salad
6/3/95 Cambridge Corn Exchange Thurman and Salad
7/3/95 Birmingham Que Club Thurman and Salad
8/3/95 Manchester Academy Thurman and Salad
9/3/95 Glasgow Barrowlands Thurman and Salad
11/3/95 Sheffield Octagon Thurman and Salad
12/3/95 Newport Centre Thurman and Salad
13/3/95 Exeter Uni Thurman and Salad
15/3/95 Leicester De MontfortdHall Thurman and Salad
16/3/95 London Forum (was Town And Country) Salad?
17/3/95 London Forum (was Town And Country) My Life Story, Muddy Funksters /Salad
22/3/95 Amsterdam Milky Way These Animal Men
23/3/95 Koln Luxor These Animal Men
24/3/95 Dortmund Live Station These Animal Men
25/3/95 Hamburg Grosse Frieheit These Animal Men
26/3/95 Berlin Loft These Animal Men
28/3/95 Malmo Kb These Animal Men
29/3/95 Vaxjo Kristina? These Animal Men
30/3/95 Stockholm Gino These Animal Men
1/4/95 Bielefeld Hechelei These Animal Men
3/4/95 Frankfurt Bachkapp These Animal Men
4/4/95 Munich Strom These Animal Men
5/4/95 Vienna Szene These Animal Men
6/4/95 Stuttgart Rohr These Animal Men
8/4/95 Brussels Vk These Animal Men
18/4/95 Paris Arapaho Thurman
19/4/95 Vevey Rocking Chair Thurman
10/5/95 Portugal Festival Thurman
18/5/95 Aix En Provence
19/5/95 Lausanne Festival  
27/5/95 Brighton Festival Charlatans / PWEI / Dodgy / plus loads others
8/7/95 Gelnhausen Festival Therapy, H-blockx, Blumfeld, Terrorgruppe
9/7/95 Belgium Dour Festival Public Enemy, Suede, Mercury Rev, Supergrass, dEUS, Heather Nova, Shed Seven, Paradise Lost, Biohazard
28/7/95 Wiesen Forestglade 95 Festival Therapy? / H-Blockx / Selig / Clouds over Chrysler / Electric Eels / Brain
29/7/95 Prague Bunkr  
30/7/95 Budapest Petofi Hall (open air stage) Chumbawamba, New Model Army, Sexepil
5/8/95 Benicassim Festival Internaccional Spain Mega City Four, The Wedding Present, Ride
13/8/95 Cardiff Free Festival  
23/8/95 London Garage (The day I did my back in) We Know Where You Live
27/8/95 Reading Festival (I had to play in a chair)  
30/8/95 Bradford Uni  
4/10/95 Sheffield Uni The Foundry  
5/10/95 Worcester Northwick Theatre  
6/10/95 Nottingham Trent Uni Cardiacs
7/10/95 Coventry Uni  
8/10/95 Northampton Roadmenders  
10/10/95 Liverpool Krazy House  
11/10/95 Newcastle Uni  
12/10/95 Lancaster Sugar House  
13/10/95 Leicester Uni  
14/10/95 Essex Uni  
15/10/95 Norwich UEA  
17/10/95 Hatfield Forum  
19/10/95 Swansea Patti Pavilion  
20/10/95 Bristol Uni Anson Rooms  
21/10/95 Plymouth Uni  
22/10/95 Portsmouth Pyramids  
23/10/95 Brighton Sussex Uni  
3/11/95 Amsterdam Milky Way Nilon Bombers and Girl Of The Year
4/11/95 Brussels VK  
5/11/95 Frankfurt Batschkapp  
6/11/95 Halle Easy Schorre Schimmelpils
7/11/95 Berlin Loft  
8/11/95 Hamburg Markthalle  
11/11/95 Stuttgart Die Rohre (Wez's ankle finally gave way and we had to home) Schimmelpils